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Wedding Registry Introduction

Wedding registry. Free international online wedding registry ideal for modern brides and grooms. Easy to set up, easy for gift givers.

Today most couples have to pay for their own wedding which makes a money registry a great idea, especially as most of us have family and friends around the world. Simple and free to create, easy to share, no hassle with getting your money. Brilliant!
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Wedding Registry Details

How it works for couples
Sign up with Wed&Wish and start receiving monetary gifts in just five easy steps:
1.Create your free Wed&Wish wedding registry
2.Add gift items for your honeymoon, home or wedding
3.Connect your registry with PayPal
4.Share your registry with your wedding guests
5.Receive cash gifts directly into your PayPal account

How it works for guests
Giving a couple exactly what they want has never been easier.
To buy a wedding gift on Wed&Wish, simply:
1.Find the engaged couple
2.Select one or more gifts from their registry
3.Pay for your gifts securely using your credit card or PayPal account

This really is a fantastic solution for both couples and gift givers
and comes highly recommended by us
Check them out and sign up for your free Wedding Registry Today
wedding registry

wedding registry tips

To make your wedding registry successful takes a little imagination and a lot of fun.
As you think of things to place into the registry have some fun by finding humorous images, everyday items, and perhaps somthing a little outlandish to join with the expected items one would find on a wedding registry.

Examples might be a superman outfit for him, a french maid outfit for her, a beer, or better yet a case of beers, and for the rediculous how about a castle, speedboat or goldmine?

Once you have added these items share them on facebook or twitter with suitable comments.

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Thank You for your interest - I do hope this works for you

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