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Although definitely a part of the Caribbean, these two islands are unique, refusing to conform with the stock Caribbean image created by glossy brochures and travel agencies. They are both generous and Caribbean-spirited, but quite capable of going their own way. This Adventure Guide takes you across the nation from mountains and hills to grasslands, savannahs and palm-lined beaches, offering the intrepid traveler a ticket to explore. Birdwatchers are drawn by the chance to see the beautiful scarlet ibis. Night-time excursions allow visitors to watch the miraculous egg-laying practices of the leatherback turtle. And caiman smaller versions of the South's alligators are a common sight. And then there's Carnival, which offers wild dances, fantastical costumes and frenzied revellers. Whatever your reason to visit T&T, you have the right guide in hand. Accommodations, restaurants, travel tips, sights, museums, excursions it's all here. A special section is dedicated to the nation's booming yachting industry, with details on marinas, facilities and services.

Hunter Travel Guides Adventure Guide to Trinidad & Tobago 2nd Edition (2000) by Kathleen O'Donnell Kindel edition (2006)

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Adventure guide to Trinidad & Tobago
I had the pleasure of spending ten days in Tobago. The book is essential to a successful trip and well done. The authors obviously were not golfers because the golf course is a gem and should have been raved about, the layout is spectacular. A must play for any level golfer! The rain forest was wonderful. Pay the $3.00 U.S. for the boot rental in the rainy season. Bring your binoculars and a 200 mm lens for your camera if you can. Besides going on foot into the rain forest, you can photograph birds from your car on the road that cuts across the island. The faint hearted should think twice about driving on some of the winding roads that hug the cliffs.

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