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Details for foreigners getting married in Tobago. See what paperwork and information you need to bring and how long the process takes to obtain your wedding license for Tobago

When getting married in Tobago If both partners are visiting from abroad then you will be required to be on the Island for at least 3 full days (count 4 from you arrival date) before you can apply for the Tobago wedding license and the application can only be made on a week day.
You can then hold the ceremony 24 hours after this
(so count 5 days from arrival to ceremony).
Some countries may require you to register the intention to marry in your home country before hand but this is not required in the UK, USA Canada and most European Countries, similarly you do not need to register your wedding on return, (in fact in the UK you can't).

Documents Required for getting married in Tobago.
1. You will require your passports which are acceptable as proof of identity, and proof of entry in the form of an airline ticket or more likely these days printed e-ticket.
2.If either of you have been married before then original decree absolute or death certificates will be required where applicable.
3.Birth certificates are not required so leave those safely at home.
Time-frame for delivery: Instant.
Cost/Fee TT$300* (US$50)

Both partners must be present when applying for a Tobago marriage license which must be done at the Tobago marriage office, located at the Inland Revenue building, Sangsters Hill, Scarborough.

*This fee is included in Tobago Wedding Coordination fees
but is not included by Tobago hotels offering wedding services

If you are thinking of getting married in Tobago and one or both partners are from Trinidad & Tobago you will need to apply for a
Tobago marriage license using a different application,
please see Presidents License, or Presidents Authority if one partner is from T&T, or local civil license if both are resident in Tobago or Trinidad.
We also have Additional Information about getting married in Tobago, especially worth checking if your circumstances are unusual.
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When traveling as a couple it is advisable to pack a selection of clothes for both of you in each suitcase. That way should a bag go missing you will still have a selection of clothes for each of you to wear!
This can save the additional expense of having to buy clothes here and then collect on your insurance - if you have not taken out travel insurance then check for great deals from your friendly
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While the wedding couple may not need any documents at the wedding ceremony your two witnesses will.
They will need proof of ID, passport works just fine, and they will also need to give their home address.
We recommend that they write their address down so that it is easier for the minister to complete the certificate without having to ask your witness to repeat themselves or have to spell it out.
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Getting married in Tobago. See what paperwork and information you need to bring and how long the process takes to obtain your Tobago marriage license.