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Like to know more about Tobago?
Then following Tobago book guide is your answer.

There are several Tobago travel guides available
Fodor's Trinidad & Tobago being one of the first Kindle editions,  The popular Rough Guides offer a recently updated version to their Trinidad and Tobago travel guide and Bondel has a travel guide for just Tobago.
You can read about Trinidad & Tobago customs and cultures in a 2011 released paperback by Tim Ewbank, and for the energetic Hunter's publishers have an adventure guide to Trinidad & Tobago just for you.

Kindel editions of these guides can make an excellent gift to give to guests attending your wedding. It's easy to send a Kindel to family and friends, it can save you some pennies as you need only send one book to each household, and Amazon offer free software to read Kindel books on personal computers, laptops and many hand held devices. It will give your guests a chance to explore what they would like to do while they are here, and of course, seeing Tobago in full colour, reading about where they can go and what they can do, will help to get them super excited about attending your wedding.

I will be expanding our Tobago book guide to include birding guides (Tobago is a great place for anyone who likes birds (if you don't have binoculars pop over to the RSPB and grab a pair, you'll be glad you did - so will many birds). There are also some interesting books about Tobago's history which really is fascinating and includes Amerindian natives, epic 17th century Sea Battles and even a pirate tale or two, along with some other useful or interesting books that have
Tobago in the title somewhere:)
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If you have found our website useful please take a brief moment to pop over to the RSPB webiste, you can make a simple donation, support rain forests, grab a pair of binoculars (if you are visiting Tobago you'll be glad you did). You can support your own back yard birds or order a good book.

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Tobago an Introduction and guide by Eaulin Blondel   Hunter's Adventure guide to T&T

Fodor's Trinidad & Tobago   The Rough Guide to T&T   Culture Smart Guide to T&T

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