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Special requirements to be met for couples wishing to get married in Tobago and answers to questions about applying for a Tobago marriage license

If you are under 18 years of age then a statutory declaration signed and stamped by a solicitor proving parental consent will be required

If you have changed your name then legal proof signed and stamped by a solicitor will be required

Wedding ceremonies can only be conducted between 6am and 6pm

Wedding ceremonies can only be conducted by a Trinidad & Tobago registered marriage officer

Wedding certificates may take up to two weeks to be prepared, allow up to 6 weeks if an apostille stamp is required

Issued Wedding certificates are Duplicates - the original certificate is kept at the registrar generals office.
Cost/Fee $37.50* (for 2)

A Trinidad & Tobago wedding certificate is acceptable in the UK, North America and most European countries

You do not need to register your intent to marry in the UK beforehand

You do not need to register the certificate on your return to the UK

* Special License fee and wedding certificate costs are included in Tobago Wedding coordination fees.

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My fIance and I were planning our annual vacation and, after much research, decided to visit Trinidad and Tobago. We also thought Tobago looked like a perfect place to get married. I read about all the legal matters one has to go through to get married and we decided to get someone to help us, because neither of us wanted to spend a lot of time worrying about the details It was our vacation after all! I happened to see the site for Tobago Weddings and contacted them. Christine was wonderful to work with and I felt very secure in having her take charge of our wedding. We worked everything out via email and when we got to Tobago everything had been taken care of. Both Robert and Christine worked hard to make our wedding special and memorable. They took charge of organizing everything and we really had very little to do, except show up! I couldn't have asked for anything more. It was perfect!
Rebecca Folz - USA
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