Beach Wedding Locations

Can you picture yourself exchanging vows on a near deserted beach with the sounds of the Caribbean Sea lapping on the shore?

Then you are in the right place

Tobago is still a very quiet Island by any standards, it really is a secret paradise - just ask a few people you know if they have heard of Tobago and the chances are they have no idea Tobago even exists.
This is great news for those who do discover Tobago as you get the chance to enjoy the advantages of quiet beaches and hotels that would be packed if they were anywhere else in the world.
Tobago offers a selection of beach venues for intimate wedding ceremonies, the two popular locations are described here but there are more.

Pigeon Point heritage park is everyone's idea of a Caribbean beach with palm trees lining the coast, white sands and tropical greenery. You can reserve areas of the beach, tropical huts and even the pier should you desire, reservation fees are most reasonable and include the entrance fee normally charged.
Pigeon Point weddings are perfect for couples, small & large groups.

Stonehaven beach is a quiet public beach ideal for couples and small family wedding groups, with easy road access this beautiful beach remains one of the quietest in the Caribbean.

you can see Photos of Real Tobago Beach Weddings
held at these beaches and other wedding locations to get a good idea of what  Tobago Beach  Weddings like

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Plan to hold your ceremony late afternoon when it's a little cooler.
Walk with slippers and a hand towel to wipe the sand off your feet or you could be uncomfortable during your evening dinner or reception.
Stay clear of glitters and the like as they can catch the sun light and look more like beads of sweat in your wedding photos.

Most beach wedding locations in Tobago need little in the way of decorations, small things that pack easily like silk petals can make a great impact without a large expense

Try to avoid being out during the mid day hours 11am - 3pm on the days before your wedding to reduce the chances of burning or unsightly strap lines in your wedding photos.
Order important sun care products from so it's not forgotten

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